The First and Last Freedom by J Krishnamurti

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On the off chance that reality can set us free, where do we discover it? In The First and Last Freedom, Krishnamurti contends that we won’t discover truth in formal establishments, nor in sorted out religions and their doctrines, nor in any master or outside specialist; for, as indicated by Krishnamurti, truth must be acknowledged through self-comprehension. Buy this book and read, that a great book.

Questionable and testing, yet continually edifying, Krishnamurti guides us through society’s regular concerns, for example, enduring and dread, love and depression, sex and passing, the importance of life, the nature of God, and individual change – reliably relating these subjects to the fundamental scan for unadulterated truth and impeccable flexibility. This great philosophical and profound examination offers intelligence and bits of knowledge especially suited to our own questionable circumstances.

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